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Our flight ticket search engine offers hundreds of thousands of flights to most cities around the world.’s comparison portal helps you find cheap airline tickets by searching and comparing offers from different airlines.

Get affordable flight tickets quickly

Cheap flight prices and convenient purchase of flight tickets are the two most important things for any travel agent. Taking into account the needs and habits of our customers, we have created our website in a way that lists the best flight offers for you, so that you do not miss the price changes of available flights and your choice meets your expectations.

There are two types of travelers: those who need to find flight tickets quickly without special requirements and additional needs, and those who have a specific vision and requirements, so often the first offer is not acceptable to them.

Our website is convenient for both types of users and we explain it in more detail below:

Quick search

The search engine will automatically ask you to enter your email address. If you enter your email address, you will be notified immediately if the prices of tickets matching your search parameters drop. This is an optional field. If you are not interested in this service, you can decline it and all available cheap flight offers will be displayed to you within seconds. flight search results display the offers recommended by first. This is an optimal flight in terms of time and price, so those who prefer comfort over price usually choose this option. Flights are then sorted by price and duration: clicking “Cheapest Price” will show flights sorted by price, clicking “Fastest” will show the same flights sorted by duration. If no suitable flights are available on a specific date, check the low fares calendar. Use it if you can’t find suitable offers on a specific date: you will definitely find them on other days.

If you are on the website for a long time, the system may ask you to automatically update the search results, because the situation can change very quickly. Therefore, we recommend repeating the search the next day if you do not find a suitable option right away.

Detailed search

Select the country of origin and destination on the home page. Choose carefully, as it may be more convenient to start your flight from Vilnius instead of Kaunas. And if you choose, for example, London, there are 9 airports to arrive at, so it is useful to choose the airport from which you can get to the hotel of your choice most conveniently. Before pressing the “Search” button, specify the dates and the number of flight tickets.

The system searches all the options and displays the cheapest flights at the top. If you have other wishes, select them from the various options on the left, e.g. price range, number of connections, flight duration. Is a fixed departure and arrival time important to you? The myth that the cheapest flight tickets are offered at the most inopportune times is not true: choose the most convenient time for you and see for yourself.

Usually, the search engine searches for offers from all airlines, but you can also choose your preferred airlines. Every time you set a new search parameter, the system is loaded automatically and you don’t need to press any additional buttons.

Once you’ve set all your search parameters, we recommend checking out the low-cost calendar above. The first column is the prices of outgoing flights and the second column is the prices of return flights. Cheaper flights are marked with low bars: the higher the price, the higher the bars. Hover over the bar to see initial prices. They can vary greatly: a difference of just one day can result in 4 times higher prices. The graph helps to conveniently compare prices.

If you want to change the flight days selected in the first step, click on the corresponding price column and “Refresh search”.

The system will help you find the best option, and most importantly, you don’t have to go anywhere, because we will send the tickets to your email address. If you have additional questions or special requests, please contact customer service and we will help you as soon as possible.

If you’re interested in buying airline tickets and want to find the best country to travel to, it’s worth reading our travel guide, which contains hundreds of in-depth articles on the most popular and lesser-known destinations around the world. This information will help you find your next travel destination and you only need to check the ticket prices.

Valuable tips – how to find cheap flights?

Book your flight as early as possible.

Airlines try to sell all available tickets, so they often offer discounts at the opening of the booking to attract customers. As a general rule, the best time to search for airline tickets is 60 days before your departure date. However, we don’t recommend just being guided by this – search for past flights as well, as you will definitely find some cheap flights.

Try connecting flights.

It takes more time, but it can save you money. We recommend looking at prices for both direct flights and connecting flights to see how much you can save.

Choose different airlines for the departure and arrival flights.

The results show all airline tickets and departure details. It could be that Ryanair has a great offer for the departure date, but there are no cheap tickets for the return flight a week later. However, it may happen that AirBaltic has good offers for this date.

If you are interested in cheap plane tickets, we recommend choosing vacation days 2-3 weeks or even more before the start of the season, i.e. 2-3 months before the desired departure date.

It doesn’t matter whether the flight tickets you want to buy are one-way or return, choose a destination from our search and find cheap flight tickets at the moment and take a short vacation from the Estonian climate.